1. Cheshire - Smokescreens & Somersaults

  2. Moontricks - Solar Therapy

  3. 2017 Fractal Forest Compilation

  4. Smalltown DJs - You Walk feat. Erica Dee

  5. The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na - Oh Shit Remixes

  6. The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na - Funk Back Remixes

  7. The Funk Hunters and Chali 2na - Right Right Up Remixes

  8. Flavours - Kick It

  9. The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na - Word To Spread feat. Tom Thum Remixes

  10. Vespers - In The Wild Remixes

  11. Woofax - Wildlife Preserve

  12. Mountains

  13. Clap Ya Hands Now feat. KWADI
    Stickybuds & K+Lab

  14. The Low Down
    Grid Division

  15. Farore
    Maha Quest

  16. ILLectric EP
    The Funk Hunters and Chali 2na

  17. The Original feat TARA
    SkiiTour & Def 3

  18. We're All Desi REMIXED
    Delhi 2 Dublin

  19. Sugar EP

  20. Stepping Out

  21. I Got To Have It Remixes
    Delhi 2 Dublin

  22. Shylow - Help Me

  23. Fly High

  24. Manphibian Remixes
    Chali 2na

  25. Up & Under

  26. Journey EP

  27. Long Gone

  28. Breathe feat. Cosby (CMC & Silenta Remix)

  29. Bounce Town EP

  30. Nou La
    CMC & Silenta

  31. Home EP

  32. We're All Desi
    Delhi 2 Dublin

  33. Delhi 2 Dublin - Fools Gold feat. The Funk Hunters
    Delhi 2 Dublin

  34. Life feat. Gift of Gab & Syreneiscreamy

  35. In The Wild EP

  36. Defunk - Delights

  37. Don't Give Up (The Funk Hunters Remix)
    Dub Fx

  38. Kingfisha Remixed

  39. Soul Baby

  40. Snake In A Bottle
    Vespers, Moontricks

  41. Chase Your Box EP
    Crazy Daylight

  42. Doin It Right EP

  43. Do This For You feat. Chali 2na
    The Funk Hunters, CMC & Silenta

  44. Pop Sick Ill EP

  45. Shock Rollin feat. See-I
    The Funk Hunters, CMC&Silenta

  46. Do You Like Dancing EP
    Crazy Daylight

  47. Sky High EP
    DJ Wood

  48. The Downtown Groove EP
    Cervendos & Freakvent Flote

  49. Soul Beat feat. Erica Dee & Honey Larochelle
    The Funk Hunters with CMC & Silenta


Westwood Recordings Vancouver, British Columbia

Welcome to Westwood...

Founded by Nick Middleton (The Outlier / The Funk Hunters) in 2013, Westwood was born from within Canada’s thriving west-coast music culture and has since expanded internationally.

As artists ourselves, we strive to maintain a hands-on artist-focused approach.

Simply put, we love music. And we are honoured to help play a role in bringing more of it to all of you.
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